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Choosing from the many family portrait photographers can be an overwhelming task. Here is what you need to know.

Experience. Find a photographer who has extensive experience in creating family portraits.

Photographers who only specialize in wedding photography or baby photography may not have the expertise in posing your family.

Location. Do you have to get dressed, load everybody into the car and drive to the studio or the shopping mall?

Perhaps you would prefer the portraits to be taken in or very near to your own home.

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Style. What style of photography do you like? View the photographers work on his web site.

Make sure you don't get overly-impressed with fancy effects on the web site.

Some portrait studios will"Wow" you with sophisticated web sites. Look at the photographs themselves when you evaluate.

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Personality. If you don't feel relaxed when you talk to your photographer, how do you think you'll feel when he is taking your photographs?

Investment. The old saying: You get what you pay for is generally true.

If you do your search of family portrait photographers based on a low budget priority, you may be disappointed with your portraits.

The other end of the scale is the elite portrait photographers who have worked very hard at their craft as well as their marketing efforts.

Look for a happy medium. Great portraits, a pleasant experience and a fair investment for professional photography.

Family Portraits in New Jersey For a look at some sample family portraits taken in New Jersey.

Large Group Photography Portrait photography that involves large groups is considered a specialty unto itself with a unique set of challenges as well. Large groupings requires careful placement of each individual to make sure everyone is seen in the final photograph.

Large Group Photos. Do you have a very large group of people to be photographed? Here are some thoughts about photos of very large groups not necessarily always from the same immediate family.

New Jersey Family Photographer. It's important to be very specific in the words you use when you are searching for a photographer. Use a desired location as well as the type of portrait photographer you are looking for.

South Jersey portrait photographer.  If you are looking for a photographer who works primarily in the southern part of New Jersey.

South Jersey includes Salem, Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester County.

One of the other considerations you have is whether to have an outdoor portrait session or an indoor family portrait instead.  Some people like to have both.

Once you have your photography done, it's important to get the most enjoyment out of them.  One popular way is to order and hang a nice large family print on your wall.

All of these family portraits on this page were created by New Jersey Photographer, Bruce Lovelace, The Traveling Photographer.

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