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Family Portraits
New Jersey

These samples are from the collection "Family Portraits New Jersey." All of these family portraits were all taken by NJ photographer Bruce Lovelace. His clients know to call him The Traveling Photographer.

Family Portraits in New Jersey - Sample 1

This South Jersey family was photographed on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey.

White and khaki are a popular color choice for clothing with beach photography.

Nothing beats the Jersey shore for location photography! More about Beach Photography at the New Jersey Shore.

Family Portraits in New Jersey - Sample 2

This family group pose was created in the home of this client.

They wanted their family clock to be included in the photograph.

In this case, black tops and blue jeans were worn.

This darker color theme works well with the darker colored wall.

Family Portraits in New Jersey - Sample 3

Here is another sample of outdoor photography taken in New Jersey.

This group of three likes to be photographed in their own back yard.

It is very important for family portrait photographers to pay careful attention to the background.

Family Portrait in New Jersey - Sample 4

Solid clothing that does not have stripes or patterns keep the emphasis on the faces and not the clothing.

People who are looking for portrait photographers should make sure their photographer uses a style they like.

The portrait studio can be created, using professional lighting, right in the home with the right equipment.

It is perhaps the most comfortable place to have family portraits taken.

Family Portrait in New Jersey - Sample 5

This is another family portrait taken in the back yard of a New Jersey resident.

Professional photographers know how to take advantage of natural lighting.

Good posing technique, planning the appropriate clothing, and experience with using the right background are all important elements of getting great family portraits by New Jersey Photographers.

Family Portrait Photographers' Family Pose inside in New Jersey Home

This Family of 11 adults wanted to be photographed in the South Jersey home of the grandparents.

A few conversations on clothing choice were made ahead of time, before the portrait session.

The various shades of solid blue worked well against the solid white wall. The immediate family groups were kept near each other and the darker blue colors were surrounded by the lighter colors.

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All of the above family portraits were taken by New Jersey photographer, Bruce Lovelace, who goes by the name: The Traveling Photographer.  This page was written to give you information if you searched for "Family Portraits New Jersey."

The Traveling Photographer
Bruce Lovelace
124 Magnolia Ave.
Pitman NJ 08071

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