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Holy Communion Photo #1 by a New Jersey Holy Communion Photographer

Searching for New Jersey Holy Communion photographers can be complicated?

The number of results coming up from a Google serach can be overwhelming.

The old days of flipping through the yellow pages of your local phone book are certainly over.

You can get traditional, formal communion photography against a standard background in a variety of places.

There is one place you can get truly unique communion photos. Consider having portraits taken within your home where your child feels most comfortable.

The communion portrait of this young lady on the right was taken near a sliding glass door in her TV room. 

Holy Communion Photo #2 by a New Jersey Holy Communion Photographer

Now most people use the internet to search for the best photographer.

Many portrait photographers invest a lot of money on fancy web sites.

Then they pay for search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to get their web sites to rank high on Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.

There are many internet marketing companies that design sophisticated, high-tech web sites specifically for photographers.

These web sites have fancy special effects and play eloquent music to add appeal to their photography galleries. New communion photographers are forced to use stock portrait photos that are not even taken by the photographer who owns the web site.

People like the convenience of researching businesses using the internet but sometimes web sites can be misleading when trying to decide on the best photographer to use.

Parents also like convenient options when it comes to using those businesses.

Camden County, NJ Communion Photo Taken by a professional Holy Communion Photographer

That was the original idea behind the concept of The Traveling Photographer. 

From it's beginning in 1994, The Traveling Photographer's focus was to specialize in location portraiture, primarily in New Jersey.

The owner, Bruce Lovelace did not intend to do any portrait photography in the confines of a studio.

And that hasn't changed at all since 1992.

This Holy Communion Photo on the right was taken on location at the church in Camden County, New Jersey.

All of the portrait photography done by Bruce for the last 28 years has been done on location, at his client's home, or another convenient location.

Before starting his location photography business, Bruce took baby and children's portraits for a large, national in-home portrait company.

Holy Communion Photos This is a small gallery of holy communion photos. They were all taken, on location at the client's home, by New Jersey Portrait Photographer, Bruce Lovelace.

Many families will take advantage of the time for a holy communion photography session and combine it with a family portrait. Be specific when you do your search. Here is more on the best way to find a New Jersey Family Photographer.

One of the more experienced holy communion photographers is Bruce Lovelace, the Traveling Photographer.  For more about first holy communion portraits in New Jersey, you can visit the web site.

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