Holy Communion Photography

Sample of Holy Communion Photography Taken Outside, Using a casual Pose

Many of the Holy Communion photography samples you find on the web are taken right at the studio of the professional photographer or at the church on communion day.

That may not be the most convenient way to go.

These sample communion photos were all taken during one session at the home of one New Jersey client.

As you can see from these first two samples, the design of any good portrait includes careful attention to the background.

Using a good quality portrait lens insures that proper depth of field is achieved and the background will be pleasantly out of focus and not distracting to the subject.

Sample of Good Background Choice For Holy Communion Photography

Finding a pleasant background where the lighting is good can be challenging and requires an experienced professional.

It is important to understand perspective and composition techniques as well.

Sometimes it is necessary to modify the light in just the right way to get the desired effect and that may take years of education and practice.

Outdoor lighting is tricky and can change dramatically depending on the time of day and sky conditions.

Have you ever seen an outdoor photo where the sun is causing the subject to squint and causing harsh shadows?

It's not a good situation for creating a memorable portrait.

Sample Photo of Inside Holy Communion Photography In New Jersey

Professionals who specialize in location photography are well equipped to offer both inside and outside portraits as part of their services.

The best Holy Communion photography involves giving clients a variety of poses, both formal and casual, both inside and outside to make it a complete communion session.

The right studio lighting technique involves using the right equipment that can be assembled in the home easily and still get great results.

Posing a young boy is often very different from how photographers pose a girl.  The girls often enjoy dressing up in a fancy gown, wearing the veil, having a purse and sometimes even the white satin gloves.

Boys often just want to be boys.

The traditional poses are sometimes overdone and  a great way to capture an 8 year old boy's personality is to let him "strut his stuff."

Holy Communion Photography of a Boy Using the Muscle-Man Pose

It is one of those special milestones in life where a few average snapshots don't really capture the moment.  You don't want to regret failing to hire a professional to preserve those special memories forever.

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