Indoor Family Portraits

Indoor family portraits have the advantages of full control over the lighting as well as the weather and sometimes the background.  Many prefer outdoor family portraits, but sometimes the circumstances don't allow for shooting outside.

If you have a large family portrait scheduled and it can only be done on one specific day when everyone is gathering, sometimes from long distances, it's a good idea to have a back-up plan in place.

Portrait photographers are sometimes at the whim of bad weather or uncontrollable lighting.  Having an indoor location that is suitable for family portraits should be discussed with the photographer during the phone consultation.

Indoor Family Portrait of 3 Brothers

In this indoor portrait, the family consisted of the three brothers.  Their clothing color was a great match with the interior of this home and was a great spot for location portrait photography.

Indoor Family Portrait of Two - Taken In Southern New Jersey

This Indoor portrait was actually taken at an office party before the holidays.  Many in-home photographers are equipped with studio backgrounds in the event that there is no suitable spot with a pleasing background at the location of the gathering.

Indoor studio photography means a controlled environment, without wind or rain.  A big part of the success of a good family portrait is good lighting.  

Professionally trained photographers know how to use both natural existing light as well as how to control portrait lighting with electronic strobe lights.

Fine portraiture displayed on your wall in your home is like furniture.  You want to it look just right and displayed with pride.

It is great when family portraits can include several generations.  this sometimes includes the very young and very old.  Sometimes the ability to do outdoor photography is hampered by the capabilities of the subjects within the family portrait.

One option is to use a photographer who is skilled and experienced in both outdoor and indoor family portraits.  Have you heard about New Jersey based photographer: The Traveling Photographer?

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