Large Family Portraits
(Wall Prints)

Large family portraits can be displayed in a variety of locations in the home.  Rather than display the artwork of some unknown artist, a family wall portrait personalizes the home.

Large Family Wall Print

Many people choose the bedroom as a great location to display large portraits.  Its' one of the last things you get to look at before a good night of sleep and it can also be one of the first things you look at when you wake up.

Large Family Portrait Suitable for a Wall Print

Portraits with casual posing are often displayed in a non-formal room such as the den or tv room.

Large Collection of Family Portraits on the Wall

Other people like the idea of a large collection of family portraits clustered on the wall.  This often results in a less coordinated arrangement in terms of matching backgrounds in the portraits and often unmatched frames.

Large Wall Outdoor Portrait of Family

Have you been to a museum or the home of a well-to-do family.  Notice how the size of the artwork and family portraits are always large.  Some of that might be becasue they can afford such an investment.

Another important effect is the felling of family values and close, affectionate relationships.  Studies have shown that hanging proudly displaying portraits of family members leads to higher self esteem in children.

Just how big should a family portrait hung on the wall be?  Are the paintings in a museum or gallery 8x10 or 5x7 size?

Large Prints Inside Museum

The budget studios, department stores, and drugstores that print our snapshots have brainwashed us into thinking that small prints are adequate for displaying on the wall.

They are great for photo albums, desks and shelves.  Above the fireplace or behind the couch small prints look out of place.

There are those who would say that family portraits should not be a decorative element in a living room.  That was perhaps a bit more true in the Victorian era when photographs were considered private and personal.

In today's internet/media saturated society, photographs are hardly private anymore.  FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, FLickr  and other image dominant web sites are certainly proof of that.

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