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This page is about Large group photography of families. It's one of the most enjoyable kinds of portrait photography because portrait photographers provide precious memories for many people all at one time.

Large Group Portrati in Moorestown New Jersey

Autumn is a great time of year to create a beautiful outdoor family portrait. Proper clothing, locations with good natural lighting and creative posing technique are a winning combination. Make sure you hire a professional photographer who has experience in location photography.

There is something real special about having your family photographed at the New Jersey Shore. It's a great way to preserve those special memories of the summer and good times together with family and friends.

Large Group Photography - Family Portrait on the New Jersey Beach

Experienced New Jersey beach photographers know how to find just the rights spot where the light and the background are just right.

A great way to insure you get the most enjoyment out of your professional photography, consider that large family portraits make great wall decorations.

Big group photography also involves how to help people relax, have a pleasant experience and get natural looking expressions.

large Group Family Portrait in Southern New Jersey

Large Group Photography Ideas

Sometimes your own living room is the best location for your family portrait. Good family portrait photographers have a talent for finding the right location and creating professionally posed environmental portraits.

Imagine how convenient it is to be able to get dressed and prepared and never leave home to be photographed. This is very popular for the grandparents who may not wish to travel to a separate location once their kids and grandchildren have gathered.

Large Group Portrait of Grandchildren in the Living Room

This indoor pose was taken after several poses were done outside on the deck. Children are often more relaxed when they are photographed in their own home or at their cousin's house.

Grandparents enjoy portraits of their grandchildren as gifts practically more than anything else in the world!

The original intent was to pose this not-too-large group of kids in the great outdoors, but it is also a good idea to do a variety of group photos inside as well.

Large Group Photography at Surprise Birthday Celebration

This large family portrait was done in the social hall of a church at a surprise birthday party. Although the background was nothing fancy, it's a photographic keepsake that will be enjoyed by all who attended.

For some people, it doesn't matter where it is taken, as long as the group portrait is well lit and everyone is included.  for others they are strictly interested only in having an indoor family photo taken.

Large Group Team Photos require a bit more advanced planning than just regular large group photography due to the extra challenges that come with photographing so many people all at once.

All of these portraits were taken by The Traveling Photographer.

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