Large Group Photos

Each of these large group photos has it's own unique set of circumstances. In the group photo below, the band members were standing on risers up on a stage in the auditorium.

Large group photo-New Jersey high school marching band

I brought my 6-foot ladder along and stood on the top of it about halfway back in the auditorium. This brought me up to the same level as the group to get the right angle.

I am honored to have been chosen to be the group photographer for a special family reunion that happens only once every five years. Family members come to south Jersey from all over the United States to celebrate.

Woodbury NJ large group family portrait

It was an extremely hot day in July when this big group photo was taken. I never have my subjects sit in direct sun for several reason.

On this particular day it was quite hot, even in the shade.

In the past we brought in huge flat bed trucks and used them in combination with many chairs on the flat beads as well as on the lawn.

This year, the family picnic coordinator and I decide to take a different approach and we did a digital combination of the smaller groups into one large family collage.

Very large family group photo collage

I used an 11x14 format and sized the smaller group poses to fit so that every one could be seen relatively equally.

The members of the Kappa Alpha Kappa Sorority need a group picture of its members. This photo was taken from a walkway high above the gymnasium's basketball court.

A fair of amount of retouching needed to be done to eliminate the painted lines on the flooring from the basketball court.

Large group photos-Moorestown New Jersey sorority

Do you need to find a photographer to take large groups photos? Look for one who is experienced in taking group photos in a a variety of situations.

Successful group photography requires you hire an experienced photographer who has the right professional equipment and know-how.

Even more challenging, large group team photography of children involves posing and getting cooperation from young people all at once.

The photographs of these large groups were taken in South New jersey by The Traveling Photographer.

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