Large Group Team Photos

Large Group Team Photos offer a different challenge to the portrait photographer.  This South Jersey swim team was photographed by using benches and stools to create the different levels of swimmers.

There are some similarities to this type of large group photography and taking large family portraits

Large Group Photo of a New Jersey Swim Team

The concrete decking was flat and solid which allowed the use of the fold-able benches and stack-able stools to be used to get 5 different levels for posing this group.

Group Photo of a New Jersey Baseball Team

Companies that specialize in very large group photos sometimes use specially designed risers that are assembled on location.

Group Photo Riser may be needed to assemble on location when photographing large groups

Extremely large groups may have to be photographed in an actual sports arena or stadium by using the spectator's stands to fit all of the athletes or family members.  

It is often impractical to use the environment shown below when doing large family portraits.  These photographs are usually taken where the family is gathering during a planned get-together that is celebrating a birthday or family reunion.

Very Large Group-Team Photo

The above group photography was done across the river from New Jersey at a facility used by the Philadelphia Eagles.

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