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Cherry Hill New Jersey portrait photograph

(Family portrait in Cherry Hill NJ)

Google is the most widely used search engine on the planet and if you type in the words "New Jersey photographer" you will get about 15,000,000 results.  Add the word "family" and you get around 150,000,000 results.

So what should you do?

Google does its best at trying to match the exact words of your search to the web sites that will provide you the best, most useful information relevant to your search.

Google search for New Jersey family photographer

If you add your specific town, such as "Pitman New Jersey Family Photographer," you'll get more localized results.  In this case the search results came up with only 60,000.

Finding the right photographer for your specific situation can be a daunting task. Competition among portrait photographers to get top results using internet searches is fierce.

Wedding photography and newborn photography are the most lucrative for photographers and studios that specialize in that type of photography devote a lot of time and effort into getting your attention.

Family portrait-Williamstown NJ

(Family portrait taken in-home, Williamstown NJ)

Portrait photographers that are the best at marketing and getting their website to rank high in Google's and other search engine's results page may not be the best choice for you.

You may actually get search results for photographers that work several hours away from you within the same state.

Your search for a photographer should be very specific in terms of where you want the photographs to be taken and what kind of photography you are interested in.

Some photographers are very creative and experienced with weddings, but perhaps working with babies is not their strongest skill set.

If you are looking for communion photography, use a local search term for holy communion photographers.

Studio photographers may be comfortable with working in the studio environment with painted backgrounds and studio lighting while location photographers are more comfortable with a simple, more natural lighting system.

(Portrait taken on Southern New Jersey beach)

Use specific more specific terms in your search, such as "South Jersey" or "Cherry Hill" and "senior portraits" or "family portraits" to get more relevant results to your inquiry.

In home portrait taken by New Jersey portrait photographer

(Large in-home family portrait taken by South Jersey photographer)

Keep it local, for an experienced photographer in location photography. Make your own home the studio for your family portrait.

The Traveling Photographer was southern New Jersey's first family photographer to specialize in location photography.

Fifteen years ago, the only one that was advertising location portraits in the local phone book was The Traveling Photographer.

Traditional studio's scoffed at the idea. Do a search for "traveling photographer" in google and see what come up now.

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