South Jersey Beach Photography

A great way to celebrate summer: South Jersey Beach Photography near the ocean at the New Jersey Shore.  Vacations spent "down the shore" create family memories that stand the test of time.  

Professional portraits taken by an experienced photographer are well worth the money.

Photograph of 3 cousins laughing on the bech

(3 boys Hugging on a Beach in Southern New Jersey)

Three generation portraits are very valued by grandparents and become precious to the growing generations that follow in the future.

This beach pose has 2 grandparents surrounded by their children and three grandchildren.  It is easy to match clothing when you keep the colors simple with denim and white pants and shirts.

Family Portrait on a South New jersey Beach

( 3 Generation Portraits continue the family beach tradition)

Coordination of beach clothing has a big impact on how your final portraits will turn out.  White and khaki toned clothing match the tones of a beach location.

Clothing should be solid in color without any distracting stripes or patterns.

Fun Beach Pose with Cousins

(Fun Beach Pose Taken In Ocean City, New Jersey)

This is a great pose for 4 guys and a girl to do.  Sometimes it's a great idea to mix it up a little in terms of posing.  Like the photo below, in this portrait the subjects are all cousins.  

The clothing is their bathing suits; the colors and patterns are appropriate for their ages and their moms did a great job matching the clothing and the white bows in their hair.

South Jersey Beach Photography of 5 girls

(5 cousins - South Jersey Beach Photography)

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