South Jersey Portrait Photographer

Do you want to use a good South Jersey Portrait Photographer?  Many of the people who are looking for a good photographer want family portraits taken in a natural setting.

This kind of photography requires a bit more experience than is need with the traditional indoor portraits where flash is used to light the subject.

For Mott in South Jersey - Family Portrait of Mother and Son

Achieving good outdoor lighting requires years of experience and training to handle the wide variety of lighting situations when shooting on location.

One issue that the common observer might not know anything about is color balance.  Sometimes I cringe when I see that a photographer does not understand color temperature and how it can vary from one location to the next during an out door portrait session.

We've all scene photos where everyone is either washed out or has a strange color cast to their complexion.  Knowing how to get a proper white balance is vital to successful portraiture.

South Jersey Family Portrait at Fort Mott, New Jersey

The size and make-up of each family member varies within each individual family group and special care needs to be taken in posing individuals within the family group photograph.

Control of focus and depth of field is another big part of portrait photography, particularly with outdoor portraits.  Getting the right amount of blurriness in the background without losing any sharpness with the subjects can be tricky.

Camera and lens choice come into play too and control of focus and perspective both play important roles in the final overall impact that a photograph makes.

If you are doing lots of on line research on which South Jersey portrait photographer to use, you may have been overwhelmed with fancy web sites and studio logos.

Professional portrait photography is an investment in art for your family and you want to choose carefully.

When you pay for good photography, you are not just paying for a piece of paper.  You are compensating the photographer for his talent, knowledge and skills too.

South New Jersey Portrait of a Couple at Sunset

This photo was taken against the backdrop of the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey.  A favorite location for families to be photographed is to have South Jersey Beach Photography done.

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