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So, you are looking for a South New Jersey Senior Portrait Photographer.

There are several things to consider when you are looking to have senior photos taken.

Seniors, it's a great chance for you to have lots to say on how you want your portraits taken.

You want the very best!

You want to feel relaxed, have fun and look your absolute best.

You want your senior pictures to be unique and say something special about you.

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One option is to travel to a New Jersey portrait photographer's studio.

You can pose in front of one of the backgrounds, just like many of the other kids in your high school class.

Or you can have an experienced senior portrait photographer come to you.

How radical is that?

All of these senior had their formal yearbooks photos taken inside their own home.

Then the outdoor portraits were taken in their back yards.

That makes them unique. That makes it fun. Your photos can be taken in a place that will always have special meaning to you.

Just think when you look back at your high school senior photos in fifty years.

Senior Portrait Taken in Side Yard in Southern New Jersey

Do you want to remember the studio where you had your photographs taken?

Or will your senior photos have more meaning because they were taken at home?

Senior Portrait Photographer in New Jersey Created This High School Senior Portrait in her Back yard

Another consideration is the clothing to wear.

Some senior photographers will only allow you to bring one change of clothes.

Today's seniors like to express themselves in a variety of ways. That includes posing, backgrounds and clothing.

Choose a photographer who knows natural lighting and can find just the right spot to get a great portrait.

Senior Portrait Photographer in New Jersey Created This High School Senior Portrait Outdoor

Make sure your photographer doesn't like to overdo the retouching.

Professional senior portrait photography should look natural, not like the phony cover of of a plastic looking overpaid model.

Digital enhancements are a creative tool to use.

You want to look your best, but too much retouching will alter your unique look.

If you want a south New Jersey senior portrait photographer to create  senior portraits at home, you can find our more about a photographer who specializes in location portraiture:  The Traveling Photographer.

If you found this page by accident and were looking for a family portrait photography in southern New Jersey then go to South Jersey Portrait Photographer.

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