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Have you heard about The Traveling Photographer in South Jersey?  His name is Bruce Lovelace and he specializes in location portraits.  

Bruce used his first camera when he was in fourth grade and had his own darkroom through his teenager years.

Early on in his adult life, he didn't even consider becoming a professional portrait photographer, but a funny thing happened when Bruce was cramming for a chemistry final in college ......

...... but that's a story for another day.

Photography, in itself, is really quite a diverse field in terms of how many ways one can earn a living with photography. 

Rather than be a general portrait photographer or a very narrowly targeted niche photographer, Bruce specializes in family portrait photography.

The Traveling Photographer Subjects

Portraits of people relating to family.  That starts with babies, toddlers and young children.  They grow and mature and some of them need holy communion photos.

Another milestone is graduation from high school and the need for senior portraits.  Wedding bells ring, children arrive and the family portrait cycle continues.

Family Portraits

Families.  Large or small groups.

We are social beings and group photos of families and other gatherings add meaning to get-togethers. 

Yes, this does occasionally include the family pet too.

High School Senior Portraits

High School Seniors. Young adults, like everyone else, are more comfortable being photographed at home.  Seniors like the idea of having all of their clothing choices conveniently available nearby.

Holy Communion Portraits

Holy Communions.  It's an important event to capture with professional photography as well as a special milestone in the development of a young child.  It's so much easier to have a professional portrait photographer come to the house.

Baby and Infant Portraits

Babies and infants.  Before he started The Traveling Photographer, Bruce worked for an in-home portrait company that specialized in babies and young children.  Your own home is the safest and cleanest place to have baby portraits taken.

Through his experiences with that company, a degree in professional photography, training with other photographers, seminars, membership in professional organizations like PPA and GPPDV, he found his calling interacting with and photographing families.

It's been very rewarding to photograph people initially as babies and having the opportunity to photograph them through the years, sometimes with family and then culminating with their high school senior portraits.

Within the portrait photography realm, there are many specialists who focus on only one specific portrait niche and over the years Bruce has had experience in doing a wide variety of portrait photography subjects.




High School Seniors


Sports Team

School Photos



Event Photographers

Head shots

Time does not allow The Traveling photographer to accept all kinds of jobs anymore and he does not accept weddings at all.

Some of the most prevalent photography careers include wedding and portrait photographers, photo journalists, sports photographers, glamour and fashion, commercial and advertising, aerial, nature and travel photography.

There are even narrower, sometimes esoteric specialists in photography as well like underwater dog portraits, macro photographers of bugs, photography of Dachshunds.

There is a photographer who specializes in underwater portraits of high school seniors. Yes, there are even photographers who specialize in only photographing fungi.

One of the key elements in successful location photography is finding the exact right location.  The background and the lighting have to be watched to support and not distract from the subject.

Clients often think that a perfectly landscaped and manicured lawn is necessary for a great outdoor location photograph.  This is simply not true.

Experienced photographers know how to use the camera's now view and perspective to find a good spot for a pleasing background.

By offering only location portrait photography, Bruce can create more personal portraits by having the subject connect with their own environment where they are most comfortable.

For more samples and information on The Traveling Photographer and family portrait photography in the South New Jersey and surrounding areas, you can visit his web site: 

The Traveling Photographer

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